In brief:

I am a 28 year old American, ex-Army Soldier and Korean linguist. I still live in Korea and attend Kyunghee University. My major is Philosophy. I will probably be receiving my Masters from here (also in Philosophy) beginning in 2014.

After the failing of der kulturkampf, and after a long hiatus from the world of semi-serious blogging, with the encouragement, help and effort of Terry Murphy (Adam’s dad) I am back in business. I was very pleased being that before I could even do anything Terry got me this url and Word Press account, which I consider to be such an excellent gift.

I have been encouraged by other members of the Conservative Punk community, namely WonkJim, Bucky, Cracker X, Pete Ramone, Ampdead et al. Much of my inspiration I owe to here. This community is essentially now dead but I am active in posting in a few other communities.

My interests are mostly in that of political philosophy, philosophy in general, religion, sports (American Football & Football), chess and, of course, music (Metal [mostly black], Punk / Oi / Hardcore, Classical [mostly Romantic]).

This blog was dramatically updated lately… Generally speaking, I do not care that much about theme or layout and due to having neglected it largely since December 28th, 2009 (7:48 PM, the last time this document was edited), I am now prepared to ake my blogging more seriously with the effort of simply having a concise record of my thoughts and my philosophical development.

I hope you enjoy the content . ๐Ÿ™‚


I provide links to downloadable music. Most of these are not infringements of any copyright to my knowledge, and in fact are generally of music that seeks to be downloaded widely. I also live in a country with very different interpretations of copy right.

If anyone wants me to remove any one of the links to these downloadable files or has some other issue, feel free to leave a comment in that post, or to contact me with an email to: jmverville@gmail.com and all the applicable information for me to need to remove it.

Thank you.

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