Jewish Man Deported from UK for visiting Israel?

This story is so shocking I am almost doubting the veracity of it. I cannot really stand by it but it seems that it would be good to record this and to try to get to the bottom of what, exactly, has transpired. Here is the initial story and source:

After landing in London, Cantor made his way to the customs agent.  Once it was his turn to hand over his passport, everything proceeded smoothly, Cantor said, until the agent saw the stamps on his passport revealing that Cantor had traveled to Israel several times.  With that, according to Cantor, the border security agent walked away with Cantor’s passport, and a long nightmare began.

About 45 minutes later, another border security agent brought Chip to an interview room, which was like a holding cell, and was told that “if he changed any of his answers to any questions, he was going to go to prison,” Chip’s father, Chuck, said.  The father also said that a woman in a burka came to the cell and photographed and fingerprinted the 23 year old.

This same woman, according to Chuck Cantor, said to Chip, “We’re putting your name and fingerprints and photos into a database. From now on it is going to be very difficult for you to ever travel in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the E.U. It will be up to each individual country to decide if they want to admit you.”

Although the younger Cantor repeatedly told the agents that he had not committed any crimes or done anything wrong, he was eventually told he was going to be deported.  It was not until this point that the border agents finally allowed Chip to call his father.  His father told Chip to call the American Consulate or the U.S. Embassy, but the UK security officials refused both requests.

In addition to the initial trigger being Cantor’s passport having multiple stamps showing entry and exit from Israel, several other specific factors led the Cantors to believe that what motivated the shocking treatment of Cantor by the UK airport border security was anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Press 

This also has a decent article at Kansas Watchdog and there is a relevant link to an interview apparently done by a local broadcasting group. Overall, though, I still would like to wait for the confirmation of more major news agencies or a response from the British on this, perhaps some sort of official documentation saying that he was deported from the UK.

Regardless, it is wild to think that these things are happening in the UK. If it did happen I would also assume that it was done by overzealous & prejudiced individual agents — it would be hard to stomach the idea that this goes all the way to the top.

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