Chavez To Be Embalmed & Displayed

A lot of people say positive things about Pres. Chavez — you know, he stood up for his people, or you know, he really tried to help the poor

But he is joining the ranks of the insane — Evita, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, Lenin, etc. in these great halls of permanent worship.

This is always just a miserable idea — the setting up of legends and hero worship and promoting it with this eternal corpse sitting there. It insures some aura of personality cult remains and it implies the continued domineering of the government through extraconstitutional means by his comrades.

 Venezuela’s Vice President Nicolas Maduro has announced that the late President Hugo Chavez will be embalmed and his body displayed forever in a Caracas military museum.

Mr. Maduro compared the late president to other revolutionary leaders whose bodies also have been preserved, including Russia’s Lenin and China’s Mao. He said President Chavez will lie in state for seven more days to give more Venezuelans the chance to pay their respect.

President Chavez will be honored at a state funeral Friday, attended by 30 heads of state. The United States is sending a diplomatic delegation.

Thousands of grieving Venezuelans waited for as long as 10 hours to look at Mr. Chavez’s body in Caracas.

Mr. Maduro will be formally sworn in as acting president late Friday. He will likely face off in elections to be called within 30 days against opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who lost to Mr. Chavez in the October presidential polls.

Voice of America

Any society which is interested in practicing democracy but also wants to set up cults of personality and embalm a controversial ex-President for permanent display has some soul searching to do.

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