Bush’s Email Hacked; Results Disappointing

I am guessing this is falling a bit low on the news media circuit because it really is not that shocking.

No controversy was uncovered… For once? A seemingly clean politician.

A hacker by the name of Guccifer has apparently hacked into several Bush family AOL accounts, pilfered private photos and messages and posted them online. The Smoking Gun, pursuient to their mission, republished it all. The stolen goods include a private letter from George W. Bush to his family about planning the funeral of his father. They include private correspondence from the Fox News journalist Brit Hume on the “silver linings” in the 2012 election. They include a Jeb Bush email about how how George H.W. Bush “helped restore” Bill Clinton’s “sordid reputation.” There is more. You can read about it off site. You can also look at the PG-rated pictures that George W. Bush apparently painted of himself bathing.

There is a criminal investigation. This guy may get caught, just like the guy who hacked Scarlett Johansson’s cell phone got caught. But that will be little consolation. (And it was little consolation to all those members of Congress in recent years who found their private R-rated photos trending on Google.) The fact is that the digital age makes us all unduly vulnerable. As Katy Steinmetz recently wrote for TIME your digital records will outlive you, and may cause your family problems. The permanence of online utterances–a delight to prosecutors, Facebook and snoops–is a bane for the rest of us.



I am glad that no giant controversies unraveled. It has prevented us from hearing the shrill cries and insanity that often comes when there is some sort of discovery — often echoing from both sides.


I do not appreciate how there are websites so willing to share the private correspondence of a former President and a family constantly in the limelight. I also am not sure how I feel about a society that just seems to generally condone all of this.


Really, people’s private business should not be published or revealed.

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