Obama Tries To Reel In Hollywood

Usually we hear about how the Christian far right is obsessed with censorship but here you have it — Obama, while not moving to censor anything, is strongly suggesting that violence in film be stopped:

Film, TV and cable sector lobbyists met with Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday night to discuss efforts to curb gun violence, but it was unclear what more Washington could do to force the entertainment industry to temper the blood and guts.

The 2 ½-hour meeting included presentations from companies and trade associations about how they already self-regulate or provide parents the tools to protect children from violent or racy content — such as voluntary ratings systems for movies and TV shows.

“The entertainment community appreciates being included in the dialogue around the Administration’s efforts to confront the complex challenge of gun violence in America,” the attendees said in a joint statement late Thursday. “This industry has a longstanding commitment to provide parents the tools necessary to make the right viewing decisions for their families. We welcome the opportunity to share that history and look forward to doing our part to seek meaningful solutions.”


I love how Hollywood is acting like they are all ready to… do something?

I like how everyone thinks that they are going to… do something?


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