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Koreans Opposing Gaga

Interesting bit on the Korean Christian right here:

이와 관련, 기독교계 일부가 계속 반발하고 있다.

Portions of the Christian community are having a strong backlash against the concert.

22일 서울 신촌의 교회에서는 ‘레이디 가가 내한공연 저지를 위한 특별기도회’가 열렸다. “공연 도중 동성애자와 키스를 했고, 자살하는 퍼포먼스를 보이기도 한” 가가의 공연이 동성애와 자살을 조장할 수 있다는 것이다.

At a Church in Shinchon (a neighborhood of Seoul) they held the ‘Special Prayer Vigil to Block Lady Gaga’s performance.’ “During performances Lady Gaga has kissed homosexuals and included themes of suicide,” say organizers of the vigil. They claim that Lady Gaga’s concert can promote homosexuality and suicide.

21일 가가의 공연을 반대하는 기독교단체 ‘레이디가가 공연 반대 페이스북 그룹’은 서울 양재동 현대자동차 앞에서 “가가는 그동안 외설적이고 음란한 것뿐만 아니라 살인, 인육 먹기, 자살 콘서트, 사타니즘, 동성애 지지 등으로 세계적으로 큰 이슈와 함께 논란이 됐다”며 항의 시위를 벌였다. “연예인을 흉내를 내고 따라가는 대중들의 습성을 생각할 때 레이디 가가와 같은 스타가 절대로 이 사회의 문화를 주도하는 트렌드로 자리를 잡도록 놔둬서는 안 된다고 생각한다”는 판단이다.

On the 21st a Facebook group entitled “Anti-Lady Gaga Concert Group” held a protest in front of Hyundai Motors in Yangjaedong (Seoul), saying “Lady Gaga is not only obscene sexually but endorses murder, eating human flesh, suicide, Satanism and homosexuality. It is an issue that has been an issue throughout the world.” “When we think of the general populace which imitates the stars we must definitely insure that Lady Gaga and similar stars ever become a trend in our culture — it can never be allowed to become a trend in our society,” they claimed.

레이디 가가의 콘서트와 그 때문에 파생되는 미디어는 문란한 성 문화와 우울증, 자살로 몸살을 앓고 있는 현 사회에 잘못된 길을 합리화시켜 주고 부추길 수 있는 촉매제가 되리라고 확신한다”고 강조했다.

“We are confident that we can become the catalyst to block this concert and restore rationality against the media powers from which comes a sexually confused society, depression and and the gradual suicidal sickness that guides modern society down a dark road.”

Headline Jeju

Interesting… The rest of the article essentially says more of the same. Of course, some groups say it interferes with free speech and there is no likelihood that this concert will do anything…

But interestingto remind you that this exists.

Germany & France Seek Border Controls

Just as the Euro weakens and there are so many issues with the economies of southern Europe, so too the EU is taking another blow as more and more nations are interested in their own autonomy and also the issue of illegal immigration.

Definite hiccups in the EU:

Germany and France want to weaken Europe’s border-free travel agreement, according to a Friday newspaper report. Berlin and Paris would like to be able to temporarily reintroduce border controls due to concerns about illegal immigration. The move is not, a Berlin official assures, to be seen as re-election campaign help for Sarkozy.

It was less that one year ago that Denmark decided to reintroduce controls on its borders with Germany and Sweden, a move, Copenhagen said, that was necessary to put a stop to illegal immigration and organized crime. The reactions from Berlin and other European capitals were immediate and unequivocal. The step taken by Copenhagen marked a “bad day for Europe,” said German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. Europe’s border-free travel regime, said the Foreign Ministry in Berlin, “cannot be infringed upon.”

Now, just nine months later, it is Germany itself that is looking to weaken the Schengen Agreement, the treaty signed in 1985 to remove inner-European border controls. According to a report in the Friday edition of daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany and France are seeking to change the treaty to allow for the temporary reintroduction of border controls.

The paper reports that German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich and his French counterpart Claude Guéant have formulated a letter to the European Union demanding the change. The reintroduction of controls, they wrote according to Süddeutsche, should be possible as “an ultima ratio and for a limited period of time” should border controls in southern and eastern Europe prove unable to prevent illegal immigration. Later in the letter, the two write that controls could be re-established for periods of 30 days.


The right wing is growing stronger in Europe, more and more.

(article found by Thunderhawk on PoFo)