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IU The Most Searched On Google Korea

I have always enjoyed little quips of entertainment news… Simply because I have never seen the full point of it. It is also amazing how these things can be the most sought after pieces of information even though there are major scandals going on such as the alleged election rigging that happened on the 10.26 election coming into the full light.

It has been an insane year in Korean politics but still, these are apparently what we have the average Korean people demonstrating their interests in:

Google Korea revealed that IU was the most searched singer on the website for the past year, as confirmed by their current statistics. Last Friday, Google Korea revealed that they have made categories per country of the most searched keywords.

According to Google’s Zeitgeist, IU was the most searched keyword for 2011, which was followed by “Nonghyup internet banking” and Samsung’s Galaxy S in second and third respectively. Other keywords making it onto their list were the dramas “Secret Garden” and “Dream High.” Girls’ Generation and popular program ” I Am a Singer” also made it on the list.

Not cool… People should not invest so much attention in that which is trite.

Furthermore, “I Am A Singer” is a literal translation of 나는 가수다.However, it does not strike me as being a great translation as, in English, it seems to have almost a juvenile sounding name based off of the mere way we use our language. It would probably be best if it remained untranslated and was merely referend to by its Korean name, and then perhaps described.

For whatever Korean Korean media has a rich history of poorly choosing their words and their presentation in English.