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Taliban Making Gains / Life Is A Joke

The Taliban is making gains in Afghanistan, and we are not responding. Oh, and we are going to leave the country.

And how are we going to leave them? With a civil war looming and a crumbling democracy — everything in tatters.

Afghanistan is like a one night stand with a very moral girl — in the end she is left crying on your bed and you don’t know how to get her out of your house, so you talk her down slowly and tell her ‘everything is going to be alright,’ and you may even say, ‘I really like you, I will call you, it isn’t like this,’ but everyone knows that the shit is as good as over and nobody gets out of it alive, man. It’s just a lot of lies and we feel bad for lying but there is no other solution. The world is broken in your hands and you can’t glue it back together, no way, no how.

This news came to me as a ‘shoot water out of your nose’ funny, comical news, because this joke ending of this brave, honorable mission that I believed in — all your soldiers standing tall and pretty, ready to make changes, and then there you go… What a wonderful 10 year fiasco, and the Snakes in Washington & London can slither more, slither longer and that’s that.

I finally understand the French and why they riot over nothing — because you give those snakes one inch and they take a mile.

You have to laugh because otherwise it is a great tragedy. And that’s; why you laugh at life — because, otherwise, it is a great tragedy.

I woke up today, still a bit drunk, and I had a laugh at the situation.

I got to go to work —  so I can pay the bills. Why? So I can get drunk again. Diddle in some philosophy that I love. No future there — no future anywhere. No path that I can take towards any success.

I do not believe in love, I do not believe in humanity. I do not believe we can fix the human problem. Humans are fundamentally good but more than good they are self-centered, self-interested and selfish. Their eyes are too close together and all they can think of is themselves and nobody else. I am no different. While the Taliban have their victories and little children with stomachs bloated from malnutrition are too tired to brush the flies away from their eyes I am drinking and singing. So much for righteousness, Verv, so much for ‘the higher ground.’

The closest thing I have to a higher ground are these words and criticisms.

Really wish that when I was born someone said, ‘this is your farm, grow some food; this is the town you go to sell your food at and stock up on your booze; your father will strike a deal with some other dad and that will be the woman you sleep with. You will die as a natural conclusion of limited health care at age 45. Maybe the local Lord will give you a weapon and make you go and get cut down in some distant field for some meaningless war. Now, go out there and live!’

That is an easy situation to deal with. I can nod my head and say, ‘Sure thing.’

But now, what?

I got to cover my tattoos and wear long sleeves even when it is hot. You want to know what suffering is? The heat, the long sleeves, the teaching. The meaninglessness.

What is the solution?

Grab a bottle today, after work, have a few jokes and laughs and drink it. Escapism.

Life is a joke — the Taliban will be back there, soon, back on top, fucking everybody’s lives up.

We couldn’t even win this. We are the rich, powerful nations, looking to solve problems, and we couldn’t even solve the problems of this one country. What a fucking pathetic joke of a world.

These fucking kids all over the world, no upward mobility, no future. What the hell is this?

How can those pigs live in palaces while others have nothing?

I am not going to give up but I tell you one thing, I am mad as hell, and I really need a drink and a friend to help me forget this situation.

I feel part of myself dying.

10 years ago we were going to do something good over there, and I believed in that with my whole heart, and I felt like there was some sort of meaning behind this existence; I even joined the Army and served my time with good faith that we were going to do a good job and things would get better somewhere because of Us.

But these politicians, these snakes, this brood of vipers — they make it all fall down, they make it all collapse. I can’t even have that piece of knowledge that I served in a meaningful institution that helped create positive change abroad. In addition to all of my personal problems, I now carry the burden of the world’s pathetic existence. The joke. The endless joke.

Tonight, when work is done, I’m going to grab a bottle somewhere and whether there is anyone or not I’m going to have a drink because it means nothing. I need to escape.

It is downright pathetic.

We are not human beings — we are hairless apes who emerged from a swamp. We are all Swamp Apes, now.

Just listen to that beautiful music, laugh at those wonderful jokes, drink that booze — crawl in the flesh of another human being, and wait for the show to end.