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Gun Rights Extened By USSC

Gun rights does make sense as something that Americans stand behind, IMO, although it has put guns on the street and perhaps has elevated the crime rate. However, the answer is not necessarily the curbing of our freedom but rather the offering of more programs to alleviate the need for people to turn to crime.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court held Monday that the Constitution’s Second Amendment restrains government’s ability to significantly limit “the right to keep and bear arms,” advancing a recent trend by the John Roberts-led bench to embrace gun rights.

By a narrow, 5-4 vote, the justices also signaled, however, that some limitations on the right could survive legal challenges.

Writing for the court in a case involving restrictive laws in Chicago and one of its suburbs, Justice Samuel Alito said that the Second Amendment right “applies equally to the federal government and the states.”

Washington Post

This is a solid victory for the gun rights supporters as we’ve been waiting for this sort of recognition for a while.

6.25 포로에 대한 이야기…

아주 재미 있던 글이였다.

물론 그 때는친공파를 싫어하는 것이 아주 자연스러웠다. 분한이 유엔의 추장하는 선거를거부했고 전쟁을 시작했다.남-북둘다 잔인하게 전투를 했으니 이런 상태 기대할수 있어.

제일 중요한 사실은 바로 지금 보이잖다. 대한민국은 선진국이고 북한은 후진국 중에 후진국이다.

친공과 반공의 칼날 위에 서 있던 전쟁 포로. 그들은 한 치의 양보도 없는 이념 대결의 틈바구니에서 가장 큰 희생양이었다.

6·25전쟁이 끝남과 동시에 적국의 포로를 송환해야 한다는 제네바 협정에도 불구하고 한국전쟁에서 포로 문제는 이념 대결로 비화되면서 60년이 지난 지금까지 현재진행형이다.

인민군 출신으로 1951년에 광주 포로수용소에 끌려갔던 김성갑(85)옹은 그곳에서 포로들을 상대로 군사재판을 열어 무더기 처형하는 일이 비일비재했다고 증언했다.

“그저 막 붙들어다가 조사하는데 나도 죽을 뻔했어. 꺽대 자루로 피가 날 때까지 두드려 패는데 많이 죽었어.” 김 씨의 증언처럼 그 당시 하루가 다르게 늘어나는 인민군 포로들은 남측의 골칫거리였다.

특히 51년 8월부터 클라크 유엔군사령관이 전쟁포로에 대한 재판을 일부 도입하라고 허용하자 포로수용소 곳곳에서 군사재판이 열려 포로들이 대거 숨졌을 것으로 추정된다.

전쟁이 끝난 뒤 포로 문제는 한층 복잡한 양상을 띤다.

남측에 억류된 공산군 포로는 17만여명인데 반해 북측 유엔군 포로는 10만명에 불과해 수적으로 엄청난 차이가 났다.

북측은 ‘전원송환’을 주장한 반면 많은 포로를 한꺼번에 북에 보내는 것에 부담을 느낀 남측은 반공포로를 전면에 내세워 “원하는 사람만 교환하자”는 ‘자유송환’을 주장한다.

이때부터 거제도 포로수용소에서는 반공포로와 친공포로 캠프가 철저히 분리됐고 수용소 안에는 살육이 난무하는 피 튀기는 이념 싸움이 벌어지기 시작했다.

거제도 포로수용소에 있었던 이찬근(80)씨는 반공과 친공을 나누는 과정에서 고문 등 가혹행위도 있었다고 증언했다.

“포로 교환 될 때도 자기 의사 표현을 못했어요. 의사 표현하면 두드려 맞으니까. 이북으로 간다고 하면 그런 현상이 벌어졌죠.”

실제 유엔군은 포로들을 반공으로 전향시키기 위해 유엔군사령부 안에 ‘민간정보교육국’을 설치하기도 했다.

반공을 선택한 포로들은 이를 입증하기 위해 ‘반공’이라는 문신을 새기거나 혈서를 쓰게 했으며, 심지어 원치 않는 포로들에게도 문신을 강요했다고 전해진다.

결 국 17만명으로 추정되는 포로들 중 지금까지 북으로 송환된 포로는 반에도 못 미치는 8만 8천여명. 휴전 협상 막바지에 이승만 대통령이 반공포로들을 일시에 석방하면서 2만 7천여명이 한꺼번에 풀려났지만 이후에도 이들의 삶은 순탄치 않았다.

차별과 감시 속에 살았던 반공포로들은 경찰이나 군대에 들어가 반공임을 스스로 입증하거나, 아니면 빨갱이로 낙인찍힌 채 살아야했다.

포로 문제를 연구해온 전갑생 한국제노사이드연구원은 “한국 전쟁에서 포로들은 양쪽 체제의 이해관계에 의해서 철저히 이용됐다”면서 “한반도에 독특한 포로 정책이 만들어진 배경, 그 과정에서 포로들이 입었을 상처를 이해하고 남은 문제를 해결할때만이 전쟁의 마침표를 찍을 수 있을 것”이라고 말했다.


North Korea Claims $65 Trillion Owed By US

North Korea never gets tired of looking foolish:

North Korea has demanded $65 trillion as compensation from the United States for six decades of hostilities it is accused of perpetrating on the communist country.

The compensation amount was calculated on the basis of the number of North Korean civilian casualties during the 1950-53 Korean War and other losses related to the conflict.

This is the second similar demand made by the reclusive East Asian nation in three years.

Pyongyang’s compensation claim was made in the official Korean Central News Agency report published Thursday on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the war.

Free Republic

On June 25th, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea in the early morning hours on a Sunday with knowledge that this would be a time that soldiers present would be fewest. This came after they refused to agree to UN sanctioned elections.

… And who owes who what?

US Protestors Target Israeli Ship

This is rather… Interesting:

OAKLAND, Calif. — Hundreds of protesters condemning Israel’s recent raid on an international flotilla bound for Gaza are picketing at the Port of Oakland, where an Israeli ship is due to arrive.

The demonstrators gathered Sunday to prevent the incoming ship from being unloaded. The dock’s day shift of longshoremen agreed to not cross the picket line.

Meanwhile Sunday, Israel said it will immediately allow all goods into Gaza except weapons and items deemed to have a military use under its decision to ease its three-year-old blockade of the Palestinian territory.

San Francisco Chronicle

I think they are overlooking a high profile change that has just occurred that is italicized;  Israel is immediately allowing all goods into Gaza except weapons.

This sort of protest is coming after the fact, to say the least, and is more symbolic of opposition to Israel than anything else.

MSNBC Hosts Reading White House Talking Points

This article sums up the illegitimacy of this news network:

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski admitted on air this morning that she was repeating White House talking points she had been advised to include in the channel’s news programming regarding the ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Morning Joe co-host was repeatedly seen looking down and carefully studying written notes as she engaged in a debate with former GE CEO Jack Welch, an outspoken critic of the government’s reaction to the disaster.

In response to each portion of Welch’s analysis, Brzezinski poured over the notes and read allowed from the script in front of her, defending the government’s response.

When it became blatantly obvious what Brzezinski was doing, Joe Scarborough jumped in:

“you keep reading these… you keep reading these… these…”

“White House talking points.” said Brzezinski, finishing his sentence.

“You keep reading these talking points,” Scarborough continued, “but there is no evidence whatsoever, from looking through all the evidence, that they had from the very beginning, that they had for the first 56 days a concerted plan and a war room to fix this.”

Gaza Embargo Eased

I am not surprised that this has happened and I think it is certainly progress in the region to do such. I look forward to the greater normalization of relations so that meaningful dialog at one point can be done.

It has been dangerous to further radicalize the Palestinians, potentially, with such an embargo.

JERUSALEM — Israel’s deputy defence minister claimed on Monday that the easing of the Gaza blockade the government has announced would end up strengthening Hamas, the Palestinian territory’s Islamist rulers.

“There is no doubt that the decision to allow the entry of more goods into the Gaza Strip will indirectly help Hamas strengthen its power,” Matan Vilnai told public radio.

“Everything that enters Gaza comes under the control of Hamas,” he added.

Israel has announced the easing of the blockade it first imposed in 2006 when Gaza militants kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, and tightened one year later when Hamas seized power in the coastal strip.

It said it would allow the import of strictly “civilian” goods, but will restrict “problematic dual-use” items — thought to include construction materials which Israel says can be used to build rockets and bunkers.


French Broadcaster Bans al-Aqsa TV

A good move — I was unaware that this stuff would have ever been shown in any place outside of there.  I cannot imagine French housewives getting excited that their child will consume any of the following:

The French broadcasting regulator is banning television produced by Gaza’s Hamas regime on the grounds it incites hatred.

With the sound turned down, one children’s show on Al-Aqsa Television looks like a new take on Bugs Bunny, but Assoud the rabbit is far less benign than his carrot-chomping colleague.

Last year the show’s Islamist producers in Gaza killed him off on the set as the victim of an Israeli bombing.

The rabbit’s dying words were a message to Palestinian children to glorify his death as a martyr.

“Tell the children Assoud has died, as a hero, a martyr,” he said.

Stories like this – with their messages of martyrdom and death – are commonplace on Al-Aqsa Television, which is owned by Hamas.

They are made attractive to children with the use of characters like Assoud or Farfour, a Mickey Mouse lookalike, who also died when Israeli soldiers apparently beat him to death.

In another show last year, several children watch a video re-enactment of the real life death of their mother in a suicide bombing.

As the mother prepares the bomb, her daughter sings, “Mummy, what are you carrying in your arms instead of me, a toy or a present for me?”


I do not know how people can ever sympathize with a regime that essentially shows programming to children which condones suicide bombing and glorifies martyrdom. Above this, it is always hinting at the notion of the regal idea of going and dying as victims fo the Israelis.

It is pure propaganda aimed at continuing hatred.  Palestine is trying to corrupt the minds of innocents with this sort of garbage.

France Raises Retirement Age

This has become really an obvious need as society is rapidly ageing and the socialized system cannot take care of everyone forever.

As the ages we live to increase we naturally must raise the retirement age — this is not a big surprise. It should come as a surprise to nobody. People just do not have kids like they used to and we do not get enough tax payers.

PARIS, June 16 (Reuters) – France’s government announced on Wednesday it would raise the retirement age and increase taxes for top earners in a long-awaited reform aimed at balancing the heavily indebted pensions system by 2018.

Under the plan, which is likely to meet trade union resistance, the minimum retirement age will be lifted gradually to 62 in 2018 from 60, and levies on capital gains, stock options and other investment income will all shift higher.

“There is no magic trick when it comes to pensions,” Labour Minister Eric Woerth told reporters, unveiling proposals drawn up after three months of consultations with sceptical unions.

“We cannot ignore the fact that the French population is ageing. We have to confront this fact. Our European partners have done this by working longer. We cannot avoid joining this movement,” he said.

President Nicolas Sarkozy hopes the reform will convince investors he is serious about cleaning up state finances, which are set to register record deficit and debt levels in 2010, and enable France to cling to its prized AAA sovereign debt rating.

Even with the proposed change, France will still have one of the earliest legal retirement ages in the developed world. Germany plans to raise its retirement age to 67, while Britain and Italy are standardising at 65.


North Korea Fans Out Of Place

This is pretty hilarious — North Korea does not even know how to make their fans appear as normal human beings as a group. I suspected this farce of fandom would occur before the report ever came out — I cannot imagine North Korea doing anything that is normal.

(I bet all of the male politburo members pee sitting down).

The North Koreans are back in the World Cup after a 44-year absence. But some may wonder why they bothered to come.

The Brazilians, who play in the tournament every four years, have more than 500 journalists following them here. The North Koreans, in only their second World Cup, brought two photographers, two TV reporters and one writer.

In the U.S., where soccer is still considered a minor sport, more than 136,000 World Cup tickets were sold. In North Korea, where the team is making history, the national soccer federation distributed 1,400 tickets.

In South Africa, a soccer game is a thinly disguised reason to sing, dance, scream and blow on a vuvuzela for hours. The North Korean fans handpicked to attend their country’s World Cup opener Tuesday displayed all the joy and spontaneity of accountants attending a seminar.

That the game — played in a wind chill of 24 degrees — ended in a 2-1 victory for Brazil was predictable. That several hundred North Korean fans were on hand to watch it was not.

China’s state-run news agency has reported that North Korea had offered tickets to sporting officials and tour agencies in China, which does not have a team here. Chinese journalists in South Africa had adopted the North Koreans as their own and, the news agency reported, about 1,000 Chinese dancers and musicians were recruited to cheer for the North Koreans.

But shortly before Tuesday’s game started, a five-row block of seats on the second level at Ellis Park Stadium filled up with more than 40 men and a woman, all dressed in identical red shirts, jackets and scarves, wearing identical red caps and waving small North Korean flags. Across the way there was another similarly sized red dot of fans in grandstands that were otherwise filled with the green and yellow of Brazil.

Kim Yong Chon, 43, one of the North Korean fans, said the group, which numbered 300, was not Chinese, but he admitted they had been carefully recruited by the North Korean government to make the trip. Speaking through an interpreter, he said the group had left Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, and traveled through Beijing the same day and they would stay in South Africa as long as their team does.

They sang the North Korean national anthem loudly but sat passively, almost expressionless, through most of the game, with one man sucking on a beer. They spoke only infrequently to one another — Chon said they didn’t know one another before coming to South Africa — and mainly reacted to the action on the field only when directed to do so by a man who stood before them like an orchestra conductor.

LA Times

In some odd way it brightens my day to hear about the dysfunctional North Korea who cannot even properly enjoy themselves. It makes my struggles seem all the less of a burden.

Slavery In America (Tanzanian Diplomat Case)

I never caught this story in the news but it is rather shocking seeing it revisited:

In Washington on Monday, Hillary Clinton unveiled the State Department’s 10th annual report on modern-day slavery, which evaluates the efforts of every nation to combat the crime. For the first time, State ranked the antislavery efforts of the U.S. alongside those of 174 other countries. The U.S. rated itself as being in full compliance with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). But the report appears to have ignored a new congressional mandate to identify specific cases of countries whose diplomats allegedly harbored slaves within a few miles of Clinton’s remarks — even though it indicates that such cases exist.

The congressional mandate was prompted in part by the abuses of a Tanzanian diplomat named Alan Mzengi, who was Minister of Consular Affairs at his country’s embassy in Washington. In a January 2008 ruling, a U.S. district court judge found that Mzengi and his wife forced a 20-year-old woman named Zipora Mazengo into domestic slavery in their six-bedroom Bethesda, Md., home. In her April 2007 lawsuit against the couple, Mazengo, by then 27, said that as soon as she arrived from Tanzania in June 2000, the diplomat confiscated her passport and her employment contract. For the next four years, Mazengo said, the Mzengis forced her to perform domestic work 112 hours per week for no pay. At night she shared a room with the Mzengis’ infant, one of three children under her responsibility.
She claimed that the diplomat taunted her, his wife beat her, and both forbade her from leaving the home unaccompanied — even when her sister was dying in Tanzania. Mazengo’s ingrown toenails festered to the point where she could no longer wear shoes, yet the Mzengis denied her medical treatment for two years and forced her to shovel snow barefoot. When they finally allowed her emergency surgery, they ignored her doctor’s orders and put her back to work the same day. Finally, in August 2004, Mazengo escaped with help from a customer of the Mzengis’ side business, a catering service.



I think definitely the concept of diplomatic immunity ought to be taken with a grain of salt — we cannot have governments sending this sort of scum to represent them elsewhere.


It also makes one wonder about the Tanzanian government when such a human rights outrage is being done by their sanctioned representative.