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Man Wanted In Cop Slaying Was Commuted…

So this is it — we commuted this guy’s 95 year sentence and now he is the main suspect in the slaying of four police officers:

PARKLAND, Wash. – A man with an extensive criminal past — including a lengthy prison sentence commuted by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee nearly a decade ago — was being sought Sunday in a deadly ambush on four police officers who were gunned down inside a coffee shop.

Pierce County sheriff‘s spokesman Ed Troyer told reporters that Maurice Clemmons, 37, was believed to have been in the area around the time of the shooting, but declined to say what evidence might link him to the shooting.

Clemmons has an extensive violent criminal history from Arkansas, including aggravated robbery and theft, the sheriff’s office said. He also recently was arrested and charged in Washington state for assaulting a police officer, and second-degree rape of a child. Using a bail bondsman, he posted $150,000 and was released from jail last week.

Still unclear was why a man entered the coffee shop and gunned down Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; and Officers Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; and Greg Richards 42.


Someone who has been charged with assaulting a police officer and 2nd degree child rape was… Released on bail, though he has an extensive criminal past and was commuted from a 95 year sentence.

During this time he goes and kills four police, potentially.

Even if he did not kill the four police this would be a travesty that he was ever released on bail or commuted; and now we have this.

Something tells me we need stricter sentencing and more hardline judges — four great Americans who served their community are probably dead because when we had the opportunity we did not put a threat to society behind bars.

I’m outraged.

1 In 4 Teen American Girls: STD

I agree with sex education, and I think it is a very necessary part, and rather, I think this is a symptom of something else: the breakdown of the culture.

Being a sexually active teenager in der guten alten zeiten was not a path to popularity and the cool kid’s parties; it was a path to dropping out, unemployment and a one-way ticket to unwanted pregnancy and all sort of social ills. It made sense: ostracize people who push the envelope and engage in risky behavior.

Similarly, I support the idea that a culture frowns upon drug addicts, alcoholics (non-social alcoholics but real, clinical alcoholics), whoremongers, etc. ad nauseum. We do not need laws to curb freedom but rather we need a social environment which promotes more careful lifestyles.

Ignorance is causing this — not ignorance in the sense that we don’t have sex ed, but ignorance in the sense that we are willfully lacking wisdom in our choices.

This is the peak of ignorance — being so decadent we do not even care about our health and live inconsequentially for momentary pleasure:

Nov. 23, 2009 — One in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted infection (STI), according to a new study.

Researchers found that 24.1% of girls between the ages of 14 and 19 tested positive for one of five of the most common sexually transmitted infections, including human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes simplex virus type 2, and chlamydia.

But what they say is most concerning is how soon these sexually transmitted infections appeared after teenage girls began engaging in sexual activity. The study showed that within one year of initiating sexual activity, 19.2% of teen girls had an STI.

“The prevalence of STIs among female adolescents is substantial, and STIs begin to be acquired soon after sexual initiation and with few sex partners,” write researcher Sara E. Forhan, MD, MPH, of the CDC and colleagues in Pediatrics.

Web MD

Dirty, dirty, dirty.

… And where’s the moms and dads?

4 Police Officers Massacred In Washington

I do not know what possesses people to do this sort of thing. Excessive drug use or mental breakdowns or ideology or what… But it is just crazy to think that people can get massacred like this simply because they are police:

PARKLAND, Wash. – A gunman burst into a coffeehouse Sunday and opened fire on four police officers as they sat working on their laptops, killing the three men and one woman in what an official described as a targeted ambush.

Pierce County Sheriff‘s spokesman Ed Troyer said officers were looking for one male suspect who fled the scene and haven’t ruled out an accomplice, possibly a getaway driver.

Troyer said investigators had spoken to a person in nearby Tacoma, who gave information that led them to believe the gunman was on foot and still near the coffee shop. Troyer would not given any details nor characterize that person in any way, but said the information led officers to carefully search buildings close by.

It wasn’t clear whether the slain officers even had time to draw their weapons to return fire, Troyer said.

“This was more of an execution. Walk in with the specific mindset to shoot police officers,” Troyer said.

Troyer said the officers — all from the Lakewood Police Department — were catching up on paperwork at the beginning of their shifts when they were attacked at 8:15 a.m. Sunday.

Troyer said the attack was clearly targeted at the officers, not a robbery gone bad.

“There were marked patrol cars outside and they were all in uniform,” Troyer said.


Minarat Ban Wins Support In Switzerland

These are the sort of insane things you can expect to keep rolling out of Europe as the voting base is entirely alienated by governments who do not understand their constituents:

Exit polls from a national vote in Switzerland suggest that the country will accept a call by far-right parties for a ban on the construction of minarets on mosques, Swiss public television has reported.

One exit poll after the vote on Sunday said that approval for the ban stood at 53 per cent, while partial results from the poll indicated that the German-speaking canton of Lucerne accepted the ban.

“The initiative would appear to be accepted, there is a positive trend. It’s a huge surprise,” French-language Swiss television said, 30 minutes after polls closed at mid-day.

The proposal to ban the building of minarets must win the support of voters in a majority of Switzerland’s 26 cantons for it to pass. Continue reading

Controversial Police Raid On Gay Bar

Interesting story:

 Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — A federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Atlanta police over a September raid at a gay club, on behalf of 19 patrons who say they were forcibly searched and detained.

The suit, filed by the gay-rights group Lambda Legal, names Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington and 48 officers who were at the Atlanta Eagle bar the night of September 10.

“The Atlanta Police Department dispatched about 20 to 30 officers to the Atlanta Eagle, including its ‘Red Dog’ unit dressed in SWAT team gear,” according to a statement from Lambda Legal. “But inside the bar, the APD found no public sex, no drugs or illegal weapons.” No patrons were charged with any crime, the organization said.

During the raid, patrons were made to lie face down on the floor while background checks were run on everyone, the statement said. “Eagle bar patrons heard anti-gay slurs; were forced to lay in spilled beer and broken glass; and one was forced to lie on the floor even though he had injured his back in the Iraq War.”

Some of the patrons were restrained with handcuffs, and officers used excessive force, including shoving some people to the floor and kicking others on the floor, the lawsuit says. Authorities searched everyone on the property, seizing their driver’s licenses or other identification, the suit says.


Raiding a public, all access and non-exclusive bar for public sex: OK. However, if it is a private club, not OK.

Raiding any place based on reports that there may be heavy narcotic use or illegal weapons: always OK if signed off on by a Judge with proper information.

Anti-gay slurs: Not OK.

Forcing people to lay face down in spilled beer: OK. Not giving them the opportunity to potentially clear the broken glass as they were laying down: Not OK.

So, sue the police for harrassment and unprofessional behavior via gay sluts and not accommodating the physically handicapped, and also if they can prove that they literally forced people to lay in broken glass and gave no opportunity to clear it away with their feet before laying down.

I think i tis pretty clear cut. Excessive force and harrassment are always unacceptable.  You are paid to help us — not to mess us up.

If this happened in a straight bar, would you complain that it was raided for reports of public sex, narcotics and illegal weapons?  I wouldn’t.

Raid places where reported crime occurs. How else are we supposed to keep public order?

Korean Comedy: Analysis & Critism

Comedy can be a very good social indicator of where a society stands as comedy clearly develops around certain social and cultural lines. If one were to look at the progression of American comedy the evolution of it can clearly be seen: slapstick and body humor into polite sitcoms bearing little to no social, political or religious critique in them; and from there, we slowly reach the current pinnacles of comedy after a few Lenny Bruces that have to be arrested for saying the dreaded F-word and criticizing the heart of the culture.

We reach a stage where people laugh at parodies of themselves and of others, and there no longer are any sacred cows that are left untouched beyond immense national tragedies that claimed the lives of innocents (and I consider it quite rational that these walls tend to never be breached).

It is 2009… And Korean comedy represents 1950s style variety shows. In the past decade, only two major films were ever produced that reaked completely of the sexual innuendo that inundates American culture.

Korean comedy still has not involved to the lone jester standing before the crowd and spewing stand up comedy, often strewn with the vile and the offensive for the purpose of sending shocks down us and exposing us to some very real things that people do not often talk about.

It is centered around two formats: the “talk show” format which combines a few pranksters with an endless string of celebrity guests; they joke and play odd games, and sure as always the celebrities always come out looking none worst for the wear. The jokes are based on the strange, physical antics and facial expressions of the comedians, panning over to see beautiful K-idols laughing at them, while the jokesters play countless pointless games of chance that always result in something ridiculous like a pillow fight or a hackey sack race that goes awry.

The other format did not come into being until 2000 and was only popularized in 2003 with Sachasa — it closely represents Saturday Night Live skitches, though still extremely body language heavy and lacking any hard jabs at political, religious or social figures. I will admit — it can be funny for what it is, though it reaks of a juvenile innocence. It would be kosher for any 10 year old to watch by himself, with a total lack of suggestive or controversial material.

Most comedy that is critical picks easy targets: foreigners, Korean-Americans, overbearing teachers and uncouth, atypical parodies of alcoholics or moronic youths or gangsters.

Even when the Koreans do parodies of their own idols it is all based on the absurdity of men dressed as beautiful women doing poor imitations of their dance moves, or the ugliest of the comedians taking the main role as the latest Korean male idol who has captured the hearts of the teenage girls.

In Korean comedy, the targets are often the comedians themselves. One famous comedians main schtick is “I am sorry, I am ugly.” Others often garner fame through strange facial expressions or comical reactions to events — much of the comedy starts with a lot of passionate dialog that goes into one punch line, and then the real punch line is the physical acting of those involved.

It has all become a reflection of the current social system: sex, politics and religion (the hallmark of the stand up comedian in the West) are swept under the rug and the famed idols left unscathed, while Westerners have no problem doing the most vicious of parodies to idols fallen from grace.

The sexual and political humor is left often to the internet where rampant criticism of the government can be seen, or left to young men laughing around the dinner table, liquored up, with no women present, making crude statements that would get them slapped elsewhere.

It is still a nation where elders triumph and brash, harsh words are seldom welcome in the mainstream sphere; it is a place where a woman’s sexual morality and innocence becomes valued to the point that no comedians can become overtly sexual and recount anything 10% as obscene as what American acts were doing in the 1960s.

It is a direct reflection of a socially retarded nation.

Oh, sure my criticism is harsh, but one of the hallmarks of free society is the ability to joke openly and share your thoughts on any number of topics. Whether it is berating Bush or Obama, good naturedly or with malice, or it is speaking frankly on the comical circumstances of losing your virginity or your recent bad luck in your sexual life, there is something to be said for a society that as a group can share these on a social format and not expect people to be embarrassed, ashamed or terribly offended.

A society that can laugh together can live together. A society with everything swept under the rug is just as it sounds: clean on the surface but dirty in fact.

And what a better way for youth going through the embarrassment and disappointments of first love and their secretive yearning for romance than to be able to laugh openly and feel quite less embarrassed when they hear people making light of the situation, easing the tension that bottles up.

There are lines to be drawn: some comedy is clearly for adult audiences, and others for the youth. However, when it is done right, the society benefits. I think we do live in an era in the West where obscenity is too spread out amongst many youth, but to think of a country where adults do not have a venue for what amounts to “adult humor” besides whatever they can joke with their acquaintances about, it attests to something vaguely dysfunctional.

Laughter is medicine.

If we can laugh at our politicians, we do not have to hold their indulgences so gravely.

If we can laugh at our pop stars, we do not have to overvalue them and view ourselves as somehow inferior because of our lack of good looks.

If we can laugh at sex, we do not feel isolated in our struggles and shortcomings and desires.

If we can laugh, we can cope.

When words are taboo a certain tension builds.

I remember being in the Army and exchanging jokes on race issues with all sorts of numbers of people of different backgrounds, and saying sexist jokes that would be greeted with a smile and a light hearted punch from a female. It seems to be an indication that we have come beyond the pain, and now we can laugh together.

I await the day when the people of Korea and much of Asia can jeer and mock as they please, can parody themselves and their stars, and can learn to share the medicine that relieves the tension of stuffy, bottled up lives.

More Concern For Tamiflu Resistant Flu

This could really be a huge issue if this begins spreading:

Health officials say a Tamiflu-resistant strain of swine flu has spread between hospital patients.

Five patients on a unit treating people with severe underlying health conditions at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, were infected.

Three appear to have acquired the infection in hospital.

They are thought to be the first confirmed cases of person-to-person transmission of a Tamiflu-resistant strain in the world.

There have been several dozen reports around the world of people developing resistance to Tamiflu while taking the drug – but they have not passed on the strain to others.

Just one possible cases of person-to-person transmission of a resistant strain has been recorded – between two people at a US summer camp – and this has never been confirmed.


We might really be looking at a scenario in the next few years where we could have a plague-like event. The news is always quite sensational about predicting these…

But also consider: we do have something similar to the plague as it is, AIDS, and there is nothing that we can essentially due to curb its advance perfectly. It has become a very uninteresting holocaust to the media witht he exception of Bono.

P. S.

I read about a Poet today and she was a girl, a real “she.”

She wrote a poem calling her Face Ugly, and as she called it her Ugly Face she spoke of Her Ugly Life.

She was dead as a doorknail 300 years ago and she was a Korean woman and a Property Of Her Husabd, Kim Seuong-Lip, they called him.

And she was sorrowful and depressed and she defined ‘Black Metal’ the best that 17th century Korea could (and did).

And I thought,

“If I lived that long ago on the Korean peninsula I would have liked to sit and talk with her, and bring my electric guitar and bring Craig St. Jean to beat something on the drums for me.”

I’ll make Black Metal in that girl’s  name. I’ll make Music for that one. And maybe Bialy will strum his guitar and maybe Cliff or Jason will sing a few words.

I’ll think of this woman’s Ugly Face that I have never seen and know that love transcends centuries.

I want to make a journey to her grave in Gangreung.

Will you join me?

Don’t let me down!

Her Darling Tears (2009, baby)

I had a great first half of the day, and I will have an excellent second half of the day.

I woke up drunk, in Jin’s house, and Jin and I ran off to school speedy quick; we were the first ones there. The lights were off in the classroom so I sat in the dark for five minutes thinking about life.

In class we learned about a dead, Korean 17th century poet who led a life of depression and wrote amazingly. She spoke of her Ugly Face and her Needlework, and her profound unhappiness. It moved me and I clung to her words like a child. I thought if I were to ever live in the 17th century I would want her to be my wife instead of her being Kim Seung-lib’s wife. I fell in love, maybe, with a woman long dead.

After class we went to eat some Chinese with the Chinese. I was a joke a minute, and everyone laughed and ate it from my hand. Yuno laughed so hard I could scarcely believe it — I would even just look at her and she would have to cover her little mouth and shake with laughter.

During this, I told them why I laugh all the time, and then I told them my funniest moment of laughter.

A girl. 1 year anniversary. Looks over at me while we are in the hotel room, after we had gorgeous lovemaking for the better half of the evening. She says, looking into my eyes,

“I love you so much. I want to move in with you. I love you. And I am so sorry. Forgive me. I slept with a different man 2 months ago. I love you. Be with me.”

I laughed, laughed, laughed through all the sorrow and pain that was driven into my heart; I could think of nothing to do but laugh, that this would happen to me; I laughed obnoxiously. I laughed uncontrollably. It was hilarious beyond words. My luck. My fortune. My Everything — a woman unfaithful as I, throwing our time together right into the trash with the other rubbish.

When I recounted this story and my laughter they were all quiet and in the eyes of one girl I saw tears forming, ready to drop down her face; she was struck with sadness beyond words, and she looked at me and loved me in a way that Friends love each other, in a way that humans care for one another. I smiled and laughed,

“You are about to cry,”
“I know.”
“Don’t cry.”
“I won’t.”
“Thanks for feeling what I feel.”
“If you ever want to tell me something, just call me. I will listen to it.”
“I’ll call you later, maybe.”

We left the restaurant.

Now I’m in my room about to eat hard boiled eggs, and at three PM I am going out with a Bjork lookalike, and she texted me,

“I have already seen 2012. Is it OK if we watch something else?”
I laughed and replied: “I have also already seen 2012. That’s perfect.”
“hahahahha really?! Perfect! Hahahaha. See you soon!”

I’l watch a movie with her, and then I’ll go stumbling on my way, bringing her to drink some drinks under the beautiful Korean moon, in the hofs that we always go to, with the friends I always sit and drink with; happy as a clown. In the dirty, dingy places with the dirty, dingy people drinking the dirty, dingy liquor and eating the dirty, dingy food; in the embrace of life’s greatest pleasure with life’s greatest friends, there you will find me tonight, under a night sky lit up like a Christmas tree with the Breast Milk Hercules spilled 4,000 years ago that gives us the word ‘galaxy’ and ‘milky way.’

It’s coming soon and I’ll be there in 8 hours, with Hoonjin and John and Jay and Hitoshi and Shima and Sanghwa and Jongshin and Nikkolai and all the friends in the whole world in Hoegi.

I’ll think of her darling tears that welled up in her eyes for the pain I once felt, and I will laugh like I once laughed at the words of a stupid girl 2 years passed.

And I will be glad and fortunate that I was born.

I love my mother more than the words I can say, and I love my father deeply, and my younger brother with as much passion. And I love my friends. And I love my Everything.

How great it is to be alive, and how great it is have loved and lost and to have watched movies and to have read books and listened to music and drink, drank, drunk alcohol that burns the throat and warms the soul.

I love Life more than one should, and I throw myself to those things that destroy a person with reckless abandon — booze in the gut, tobacco in the teeth, relentless passion in the heart and a bald, fat head on my shoulders. 25 years tattood down to my wrists. 25 years of Love. No hate in this heart.

I’ll love you forever.

I’ll take my stand for you, and I will breath you through my lungs and hold you to my chest, and I’ll never go anywhere without our precious memories together, and I’ll face the future and fight against time.

When FC Seoul loses a tournament game in penalty kicks; when Brett Favre throws the winning touchdown pass to bolster our Vikings; each time I bring the bottle of alcohol to my lips and shove tobacco in my lip…. When a rock and roll song plays loud and hard and ricochets off of the walls with great resonance…. When a girl loves me and sleeps with another man.

I’ll laugh aloud and tell you all, and whether you laugh with me or see her darling tears well up in her eyes, we’ll be there, alive, together.

And we’ll love life something rotten.