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Iraq Wants US Out By 2011

Iraq wants us out by 2011…

All of this is a decent idea, I guess, for the Iraqi people if the situation is entirely secured by 2011.

BAGHDAD – Iraq wants to eliminate any chance U.S. forces will stay here after 2011 under a proposed security pact and to expand Iraqi legal jurisdiction over U.S. troops until then, a close ally of the prime minister said Thursday.

Those demands, which were presented to U.S. officials this week, could derail the deal — delivering a diplomatic blow to Washington in the final weeks of the Bush administration.


I would see no reason to object.

I will just throw up a little in the back of my mouth if Obama is later somehow credited with this.

Americans Wanting Wealth Redistribution

Check out the bad news:

PRINCETON, NJ — A majority of Americans (58%) say money and wealth should be more evenly distributed among a larger percentage of the people, although slightly less than half (46%) go so far as to say that the government should redistribute wealth by “heavy taxes on the rich.”

And of course look at this little gem of an image:

 Gallup Continue reading

Dawn Of The Jihadi Pedophiles

The depravity of the Islamist movement is enough to make you weak kneed:

Besides their well-known penchant for anti-Semitism, misogyny and nihilistic violence, Muslim extremists are also gaining a disturbing reputation among British security agencies as collectors of child pornography.

According to a report on The Times website last week, police in Great Britain are discovering that their investigations into Muslim terrorism are leading them into the depraved world of child sexual exploitation. The reverse is also occurring with child protection officers encountering people who are “preparing to carry out terrorist acts.” Continue reading

Suicide Camp For Kids Rebuilt In Pakistan

More of what we are basically going up against:

The Taliban have rebuilt a camp in South Waziristan that trains children to be suicide bombers, a video from Pakistan shows. Children as young as seven years old are indoctrinated to wage jihad in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The video, obtained by AfPax Insider, was shot in August in Spinkai Ragzai, South Waziristan, a tribal area run by Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud. The Taliban are seen “training dozens of boys ranging in age from seven to 14,” the news service reported. “The video attempts to justify suicide bombings as a legitimate means of attack against “infidels.'”

The images shows the children reading from the Quran and an adult Taliban training the children. One slide shows a poster board with the words “Killing a Spy” written in English. Continue reading

Brazil Moves Towards Homosexual Dictatorship

Brazil is joining the list of secular countries that would like to create moral egalitarianism as the new code of law, to such an extent that even the criticism of homosexuality to cause ’embarrassment’ would be an illegal act.

It is simply another step in the war of the Left on the Right to not only control the institutions of the society but to essentially make illegal criticism that the right makes of the Left:

A bill, already approved in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies and currently being debated in the Senate, demonstrates the type of dictatorship the homosexual movement would like to impose on the Christian world. If this bill were to become law it would punish with imprisonment, anyone who criticizes homosexual ideology or practice. This would empower the homosexual movement worldwide, thus reinforcing their plans here in America.

Similarly, it uncovers the true goals of the homosexual movement, and, is thus of pivotal importance to freedom-loving people around the globe.

Bishop Redovino Rizzardo, of Dourados, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, warned about the bill:

“The Federal Senate is evaluating Projected Bill 122/2006, intended to protect those who choose to adopt homosexual attitudes and practices. …. If approved, the bill would hinder the Catholic Church, which strives to follow the Gospel. Thus, a priest who condemns homosexuality in his homily may be judged for ‘causing moral, ethical, philosophical or psychological embarrassment.’ A decision by a seminary rector to refuse admittance to a homosexual student could bring him three to four years in jail.”[1] Continue reading

Diet & Christian Ethics

We talk about sex enough… I’d like to bring up an idea for discussion concerning a Christian perspective on the diet of a person and see what the general thoughts on it are…

Christians are told to not be gluttonous in several points of the Bible — as it says in Philippians 3:19: “Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and they think only about this life here on earth.”

The OT only vaguely hints at gluttony but Christianity takes it to a new step, replacing dietary laws with real views on avoidance of overindulging in food or drink.

In the 21st century perhaps we see these problems even far more clearly in practical terms than previous Christians: distinct health problems occur amongst those who are gluttons, causing the shortening of their lives and generally unhealthy bodies that hurt the quality of life that the people enjoy. Furthermore, while many of us are overindulgent in foods others are malnourished and our monopolization of the land to grow only the things we [i]desire to eat[/i] has resulted in a lack of healthier foods for others.

Ironically, it is more expensive now to eat healthy than it is to eat unhealthily due to the compounded gluttony that capitalism has more or less produced amongst us. Continue reading

Bailout Passed

And so it is finished:

“By coming together on this legislation, we have acted boldly to prevent the crisis on Wall Street from becoming a crisis in communities across our country,” Bush said less than an hour after the House voted 263 to 171 to pass the bill.

The House vote followed a strong lobbying push by the White House and other supporters of the bill. The House rejected a similar measure on Monday – a defeat that shocked the markets and congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle. Continue reading

7 Russians Die In S. Ossetia Blast

After the conflict that occurred there are some kinks still being worked out…

The soldiers died when a car full of explosives blew up near a Russian military base in the regional capital, Tskhinvali, local officials said.

Georgia said Russia organised the explosion as a pretext to delay withdrawing troops from South Ossetia.

But Russia blamed Georgia, saying it was an attempt to undermine a ceasefire agreement between the two sides. Continue reading