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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Asked Other Peace Prize Winner to Stop Bombing Her Country (LOL?)

This is the sort of comedy that ensues when you give a Nobel peace prize to Pres. Obama before he started his own Presidency…

For the first time in history, and a point that I hope will not be lost on historians in 100 years, we have seen one Nobel Peace Prize winner ask another Nobel Peace Prize winner to essentially stop bombing to smitherines her country…

… And to just re-emphasize this, let’s also throw into the picture the fact that the bombing campaign is being conducted by bloody robots…. But they aren’t bloody; they fly too high to be bloody.

On Friday morning, 17 year-old Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize. Yousafzai’s prize is well-deserved: she’s been a prominent campaigner for girls’ education for years, and survived a Taliban assassination attempt for her efforts.

But women’s education isn’t Malala’s only cause. She’s also waged a prominent campaign on a topic Americans aren’t talking much about nowadays: the drone war in Pakistan.

In characteristically bold fashion, Yousafzai brought these concerns up in a meeting with President Obama back in October 2013 — one that had originally been held to celebrate her commitment to education.

“I thanked President Obama for the United States’ work in supporting education in Pakistan and Afghanistan and for Syrian refugees,” Yousafzai said in a statement after the meeting — before turning to drones. “I also expressed my concerns that drone attacks are fueling terrorism. Innocent victims are killed in these acts, and they lead to resentment among the Pakistani people. If we refocus efforts on education it will make a big impact.”

The White House statement on its meeting with Yousafzai left that bit out.


Again, I merely point out what a hilarious moment in history when two recipients of the same peace prize are in this situation…

Perhaps the absurd decision makers of the Nobel Peace Prize committee ought to be blamed for this situation.

Afghanistan in Crisis As Obama Prepares Withdrawal

2014 has been an epic year for Pres. Obama:

– He attempted to destabilize the secular Syrian government & ended up supporting Islamist terrorists. The Russians & Iranians who backed Assad won out.

– His withdrawal from Iraq predictably culminated in mass civil warfare. Islamists recovered billions of dollars in currency & advanced military equipment making them incapable of being dislodged. Obama helped move to sack Maliki, who he had previously been fine with until this catastrophe (a little bit of late effort there, isn’t it?).

– Who can forget in the face of Russian aggressive posturing to take Crimea he sent John Kerry & his Hapsberg jaw to Ukraine; nothing was done to prevent Russian expansion, and instead money was given to a fledgling government of closet Fascists & corrupt strongmen in Kiev, who just this morning killed 10 civilians in artillery shelling of the Donetsk region. 

– Now Afghanistan is in a miserable position:

MAHMUD RAQI, Afghanistan —Taliban fighters are scoring early gains in several strategic areas near the capital this summer, inflicting heavy casualties and casting new doubt on the ability of Afghan forces to contain the insurgency as the United States moves to complete its withdrawal of combat troops, according to Afghan officials and local elders.

The Taliban have found success beyond their traditional strongholds in the rural south and are now dominating territory near crucial highways and cities that surround Kabul, the capital, in strategic provinces like Kapisa and Nangarhar.

Their advance has gone unreported because most American forces have left the field and officials in Kabul have largely refused to talk about it. The Afghan ministries have not released casualty statistics since an alarming rise in army and police deaths last year.

At a time when an election crisis is threatening the stability of the government, the Taliban’s increasingly aggressive campaign is threatening another crucial facet of the American withdrawal plan, full security by Afghan forces this year.

“They are running a series of tests right now at the military level, seeing how people respond,” one Western official said, describing a Taliban effort to gauge how quickly they could advance. “They are trying to figure out: Can they do it now, or will it have to wait” until after the American withdrawal, the official added, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the coalition has officially ceded security control.

Interviews with local officials and residents in several strategic areas around the country suggest that, given the success of their attacks, the Taliban are growing bolder just two months into the fighting season, at great cost to Afghan military and police forces.

New York Times

Basically, the Taliban is poised to plunge the entire nation into civil war and perhaps even come out victorious in the end. They are so confident of their ability to do this they are even attacking now before the US troops have withdrawn — signs that they feel powerful.

is anything going right at all in his foreign policy?

Perhaps people can try to tie this all back to Pres. Bush, but one cannot help but think that the overly ‘aggressive’ and ‘warmongering’ Pres. Bush would have at least not yapped like a tiny dog while Russia expanded into Crimea, or have witnessed the complete & total deterioration of conditions within Iraq & Afghanistan.

The real losers in this whole mess are the Iraqi & Afghan people who were treated to a glimmer of hope of democracy only to have it snuffed out by the awkwardness & inadequacy of the US government. The other major losers are the thousands of Americans and other allied fighters that have died or been maimed & wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan– now their sacrifices truly have been for little to nothing.

The only people that have won out during the Obama administration are the Russians, the Iranians and the various Islamic extremist organizations throughout the Middle East.

Russia “Created Conditions” (!?) Leading To MH-17 Tragedy

In the world of politics you often see that even when it is clear that they cannot completely burn their political opponents for an incident that they will seek to otherwise accuse them. On some level this is a human phenomena — we all seek to get to the bottom of it, and sometimes that means making a lot of sober and rational judgments and sometimes that just means pointing fingers out of frustration.

Senior intelligence officials said Tuesday Russia created the “conditions” that led to the downing  of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over eastern Ukraine but stopped short of directly linking Moscow to the fatal missile strike.

The officials said-that anti Ukraine government forces, which are backed by Russia, likely fired the missile that took down Flight MH-17 last Thursday, killing all 298 aboard.

However, they made no direct link to Russia.

The assessment follows a series of State Department comments and releases over the weekend that made a strong connection among the strike, Russia and the pro-Russian separatists, who are believed to have fired a SA-11 surface-to-air missile.

The officials said the plane was likely shot down by the separatists who are in eastern Ukraine, based on intercepted communications, satellite photos and social media postings, some of which have been authenticated by U.S. experts.

But the officials said they did not know who fired the missile or whether any Russian operatives were present at the launch.

A senior intelligence official confirmed Tuesday that the separatists are being training in air defense systems at a Russian training facility in Rostov, near the Ukraine border.

In terms of who fired the missile, “we don’t know a name, we don’t know a rank and we’re not even 100 percent sure of a nationality,” one official said, adding at another point, “There is not going to be a Perry Mason moment here.”

The officials also said Russia has continued to help the rebels after the downing, providing additional tanks and rocket launchers.

The officials said the most plausible explanation for why the plane was shot down is that the rebels made a mistake. Separatists previously had shot down 12 Ukrainian military airplanes, the officials said.

Fox News

It seems pretty obvious that the Ukrainian separatists who shot down the aircraft were on some level educated and trained fighters, whether from Rostov or from previous military experience. Separatists had successfully shot down 12 other aircraft — they merely made an unfortunate mistake here.

The problem with the US officials saying that they created the conditions which lead to the downing of the US aircraft is that it could imply that, at other times, the United States has created similar conditions that led to the deaths of civilians as well. It creates a basis for argumentation that can bring us towards conclusions that are rather unflattering to the United States government.

… Of course, the government expects the people to be so generally blind in their fanaticism that they would have little regard to being objective and trying to understand the deeper ramifications of such an accusation.

But John Kerry & Barrack Obama haven’t stilled themselves and remained calm, and instead have pursued this in a predictably backwards & hypocritical fashion. I am not sure if we can necessarily blame Kerry & Obama, though, as this is the modus operandi of American politics: boldfaced stupidity & hypocrisy.

After all, it is what we tolerate as American people in our politics.

The Islamic State Offers Up A Map

Of course, the idea that Spain & the Balkans are going to become dominated portions of the Islamic state is incredibly silly, but there are a few things that we can see from the article below & the map that they offered up:

ISIS has formally declared the establishment of a caliphate, or Islamic state, in the vast stretches of the Middle East that have fallen under its control, and has outlined a vision to expand into Europe.

The announcement was described as the ‘most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11’.

Upon declaring a caliphate, the Sunni militants – whose brutality in attempting to establish control in Iraq and Syria has been branded too extreme even by Al Qaeda – demanded allegiance from Muslims around the world.

With brutal efficiency, ISIS has carved out a large chunk of territory that has effectively erased the border between Iraq and Syria and laid the foundations of its proto-state.

Daily Mail

And here is the map:

Notice how they do not apparently seek to take any lands beyond what was once theoretically held within Europe.

Notice, as well, that Kordistan would take up a massive swathe of land — a good chunk of Turkey and a large chunk of Iran.

I imagine that ‘Qoqzaz’ is theoretically existent there as a ruling area for the Azeri / Turkic peoples that are otherwise not in Anatolia.

Khorasan is intimidatingly large, taking up much of central Asia, parts of Iran, Pakistan, India, and… The Uighur lands. We can conclude from that that they are consciously in opposition to the Chinese government who has taken away domestic control from the Uighur people. I imagine that indicates that even if the Islamic State fails, there could be money, support and increased interest in the Uighur struggle which may be a new frontier of jihad.

Notice the entire lack of Iran — not surprising that they would abolish an entire Shi’ite theocracy, after all. 🙂

The map is significant as far as it gives us an interesting worldview of the Jihadis — one in which it seems to respect the traditional territories held by these various peoples to some extent, and appears to care about correcting theoretical past wrongs.

Perhaps you can see that while the goal is most assuredly not something that can be achieved, the dream is certainly there, and they have shown some interesting sympathies and inclinations that will be indicators of their future behavior.

The IS just has to buckle down and resist whatever onslaughts are coming towards them and hope that Obama & NATO foreign policy stays impotent, and this is going to be a wild summer for us all.

ISIS/ISIL/The Islamic State & “Caliph” Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi

By now many are talking about this transition from being “ISIS/ISIL” and becoming simply the Islamic State. I certainly found the whole thing rather interesting.

The ISIS/ISIL enclave had become incredibly rich through their exploits and captured loads of great military supplies of US origin — including helicopters. They even joked that they expect the USA to service them and honor the warranty. They also seized an esitmated $400 million in currency (source: NY TImes). Certainly, these are very serious characters.

That does not mean that I think this is the erection of a permanent and recognizable state. This honestly depends on the will of the Iranians & the Syrians at this point, and the diplomatic skill of the new IS rulers. I also wonder if the Turkish will involve themselves, and in what capacity the Israelis & the US will act. Obama the cowardly lion brings little to the table though I wouldnt’ be surprised if he takes some sort of misguided, probably illogical action.

What is most interesting about this series of developments is the identity of this new “Caliph” which can shed some light on the issue.

His new, official name and identity, is as follows (and is as released by IS itself) and likewise explains their motive in dropping the geographic specifications of their title:

a khalīfah for the Muslims, and the pledge of allegiance to the shaykh (sheikh), the mujāhid, the scholar who practices what he preaches, the worshipper, the leader, the warrior, the reviver, descendent from the family of the Prophet, the slave of Allah, Ibrāhīm Ibn ‘Awwād Ibn Ibrāhīm Ibn ‘Alī Ibn Muhammad al-Badrī al-Hāshimī al-Husaynī al-Qurashī by lineage, as-Sāmurrā’ī by birth and upbringing, al-Baghdādī by residence and scholarship. And he has accepted the bay’ah (pledge of allegiance). Thus, he is the imam and khalīfah for the Muslims everywhere. Accordingly, the “Iraq and Shām” in the name of the Islamic State is henceforth removed from all official deliberations and communications, and the official name is the Islamic State from the date of this declaration.


He is being identified in popular media and elsewhere simply as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which wikipedia notes as his nom de guerre.

One interesting aspect of his origin is that he was a Ph.D. student of Islamic studies at the University of Baghdad and that he apparently can claim lineage from the Prophet. I am guessing that both of these are correct — we may disagree with the IS and their cruel actions, but we can certainly consider that somewhere among that massive organization there may surely be a descendent of the Prophet. They even say that Prince George is a descendant of the Prophet (the Local, France). There is no shortage of people with this distinction.

I found another interesting tidbit that shows the inaccuracy and lameness of popular media coverage of the whole background of events concerning how ISI (Islamic State in Iraq) essentially took power over Jabhat al-Nusra:

When the formation of ISIS was announced in April 2013, al-Baghdadi stated that the Syrian Civil War jihadist faction,Jabhat al-Nusra, had been an extension of the ISI in Syria, and was now to be merged with ISIS.[8][20] The leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, Abu Mohammad al-Jawlani, disputed this merging of the two groups and appealed to al-Qaeda emirAyman al-Zawahiri, who issued a statement that ISIS should be abolished and that al-Baghdadi should confine his group’s activities to Iraq.[21] Al-Baghdadi, however, dismissed al-Zawahiri’s ruling and took control of a reported 80% of Jabhat al-Nusra’s foreign fighters.[22] In January 2014, ISIS expelled Jabhat al-Nusra from the Syrian city of Raqqa, and in the same month clashes between the two in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor Governorate killed hundreds of fighters and displaced tens of thousands of civilians.[23] In February 2014, al-Qaeda disavowed any relations with ISIS.[4]


Those dumb asses everywhere from NPR to the Guardian touted this title of them being “Too extreme for al-Qaeda!”  (look at all these articles via google search) but there is little to really verify such a fact (hell, the Guardian article points out that they were told to not raise any hands against religious / tribal / clan groups that did not want to fight on their behalf).

Really, we are just dealing with a scenario where there was in-fighting within al-Qaeda and clearly they wanted to have their own, centralized body that was independent of the al-Qaeda network. It was a powerplay by ISI & al-Baghdadi, and it appears that it has truly paid off over there.

I am very fascinated to see how things are going to unfold and to see what this new “Caliph” is going to declare and do. This is a very fascinating point for Middle East history, and I am excited to say that I can write about a portion of it.

Now let’s just see where this is all heading and how the rest of the world reacts.

Keep your eyes peeled and dig for the truth — this is a complex scenario, so do not depend on mainstream media alone concocting some strange story. There is a lot of moving pieces here that have large political ramifications for the Middle East, and if you do not find a good thread to follow you will run the risk of getting duped or being ill informed.

I also recommend following some famous twitter handles that the Islamic State is using; many of them appear and disappear but a few of them for you are:






These are changing all the time and I am unsure which are directly linked, but it appears @Islam4allXs is perhaps the best one for English source on it that I have seen so far, and they are incredibly active.


USA n00b Foreign Policy: How Idealism Interfered W/ Practicality

In games, timing is everything… Of course, in many games I want to do something earlier in the game than is reasonable. Some people bring their Queen out early in chess & encounter game ending disasters due to their overeagerness. Of course, developing your Queen and putting her into a position where she can wreak the most havoc is a necessary part of chess, but to do so prematurely invites loss.

Likewise you have people in all manner of game that are just silly n00bs. They want to gank with Faceless Void before he has Chronosphere at Level 6; they want to just get in the tank & rush anenemy strongpoint in the first 5 minutes of the Battlefield match even though everyone knows the first thing they do is mine the gate… The number of newbish moves that people make in games because they act prematurely is infinite.

Perhaps it is a part of human psychology to desire early, quick victory, and to believe that we can just sort of throw it out there and something great happens.

Hell, sometimes just because our enemy is also a newb the tactic works — so we try it again, with hopes that it will be applicable in every match.

This is basically USA foreign policy in Iraq & Afghanistan over the last decade.

… Everybody knows that there is a specific order that you have to do things or the overarching strategy doesn’t work. This principle is found in everything. I

USA foreign policy has sought to democratize entire societies as quickly as possible without developing their education, security & health care. It could also be said that we attempt to develop all of them at the same time. 

This is a lot like trying to bake the bread, cook the meat, dice up the vegetables and ready the spices while setting the table for dinner simultaneously. We have all tried to achieve maximum multitasking to thereby achieve high level of efficiency while cooking, but generally speaking, this always results in failure.

It’s almost as if because of the nature of the criticisms that the USA has faced over the last century in the support of dictatorial regimes, and it is almost because of the rationale we use to prop ourselves up as righteous in our interference with foreign states, that we forget that you can never jump from largely ignorant, unstable third world state into a first world democracy without decades of coordinated effort.

& it is as if we set these nations up for abject failure specifically when we give them weak, unhinged “democratic” governments. They are only “democratic” by virtue of it describing the process by which tribalists & sectarians manipulate the masses to gain control and perpetuate internal strife. They are “democratic” only in the sense that the Weimar Republic was a democratic state — it is an unsustainable flash in the pan that lends itself well to eventual total collapse & civil war.

If we actually did have interest in seeing these countries prosper we would have to get rid of this newbie mentality of front loading our ideology. We have to understand that the real process for building & achieving a sustainable state is far more subtle & involves the development of far more basic institutions before the subsequent achievement of others.

Perhaps the fact that we are stooped in over-the-top emotional rhetoric on liberty has also undone is… “He who would exchange liberty for security deserves neither,” (paraphrase). What a silly idea…

Would you rather live in a place where there is no civil war, growing education & health facilities, peace and a rapidly developing economy but, there is a lack of freedom…

… Or do you want to live in Iraq, where, over the last decade, you have endured intense warfare, have little to no new opportunities and are suffering…

… But you get to cast your vote along with the millions of other sectarian tribalists?

The answer is obvious.

Don’t be a n00b & bring your queen out to get caught right away and lose the game; don’t be a n00b and try to gank a stronger character while your ulti isnt even unlocked.

Don’t be a stupid n00b and make the Iraqis do democracy while they are steeped in civil warfare & economic meltdown….

Obama Admin Playing Stupid on Iraq In Spite of Evidence

First off, I find it hilarious that the Obama administration would even attempt to feign ignorance on this topic because of the fact that one would imagine that keeping track of intelligence and threats towards the nascent little republic we set up & were working with should be top priority… Much like it would have been getting Maliki to play nice with others, something that the administration continued to bemoan later as his shortcoming in spite of little to no news or actions from Obama previously concerned with fixing such a situation.

Evidence has come out that has shown that the Obama administration had known about the growing threat of ISIL months before they reared their ugly heads in Iraq:

The U.S. intelligence community warned about the “growing threat” from Sunni militants in Iraq since the beginning of the year, a senior intelligence official said Tuesday — a claim that challenges assertions by top administration officials that they were caught off guard by the capture of key Iraqi cities.

Earlier Tuesday, in an interview with Fox News, Secretary of State John Kerry said “nobody expected” Iraqi security forces to be decisively driven out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, as they were earlier this month in Mosul.

And here comes another great kicker:

Offering a grave warning about the current strength of the group — which is a State Department-designated terror organization — the official also said that barring a major counteroffensive, the intelligence community assesses that ISIS is “well-positioned to keep the territory it has gained.”The official said the ISIS “strike force” now has between 3,000 and 5,000 members.

Fox News

So you are telling me that they were not aware that a group with a “strike force” of only 3,000-5,000 men could bring the Iraqi military down to its knees, begging their Iranian neighbors for help? You are telling me, we left the country essentially defenseless so that Obama could win the theoretical ‘early withdrawal’ points?

The entire security situation of Iraq was being ignored while it deteriorated — as was the threat from ISIl, who we were sticking out feelers months ago to see if we could get the support of people to help fight Assad… Assad being the thin guard against Islamic extremism, don’t you know.

I am beginning to be convinced that this administration totally failed in Iraq on all accounts, and so amazingly.

And we love how they actually go before the American people and say… sorry guys, we just missed it! In spite of evidence to the contrary, of course, but still… The idea that this wouldn’t, say, oh… Be a major priority to them!

Thousands of Americans died and thousands more lost limbs and lost all manner of things over in Iraq. And what did they get for that loss? Apparently, a government that is disinterested in even maintaining what little gains we made in that country, and an environment where they are willing to just throw it all away.

Shameful. Naive. Stupid.

Imagine if, at work, I just blew off one of my big assignments at work… I would be fired, and I could expect that people would laugh at me behind my back.

So what do these jokers & snakes in the Obama administration anticipate for themselves?

They just go and tell a boldfaced lie before the brainwashed public.

US Politicians Calling for Maliki to Step Down (LOL!)

What is so utterly genius about this is that there could be no greater lack of self-awareness on the US Politician’s part — it is like they have no clue about the situation unfurling in Iraq, nor any clue about the historic divisions within the country.

I think it even reveals that these morons literally believed that Democracy would work out in some way for the Iraqis, as if these thing ever stood a chance. I used to be too crass to believe that these politicians cared at all about ideology, preferring to believe that these miscreants merely were intelligent people manipulating us — such a truth was a lot easier to swallow than the idea that the majority of these people in Washington were truly ignorant asses.

But this seals the deal:

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama came under pressure from U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday to persuade Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to step down over what they see as failed leadership in the face of an insurgency threatening his country.

As Obama held an hour-long meeting with congressional leaders on U.S. options in Iraq, administration officials joined a chorus of criticism of Maliki, faulting him for failing to heal sectarian rifts that militants have exploited.

In Oval Office talks, Obama briefed the lawmakers on efforts to get Iraqi leaders to “set aside sectarian agendas,” reviewed options for “increased security assistance” and sought their views, the White House said.

Maliki has so far shown little willingness to create a more inclusive administration.

“The Maliki government, candidly, has got to go if you want any reconciliation,” said U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Republican Senator John McCain, speaking in the Senate, called for the use of American air power, but also urged Obama to “make it make very clear to Maliki that his time is up.”

The Obama administration has not openly sought Maliki’s departure, but has shown signs of frustration with him.

“This current government in Iraq has never fulfilled the commitments it made to bring a unity government together with the Sunnis, the Kurds and the Shia,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told the congressional hearing.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Maliki had not done enough “to govern inclusively and that has contributed to the situation and the crisis that we have today in Iraq.”



Here’s what we do:

(1) Create a democracy in a country that suffers from massive sectarianism and whose borders were largely arbitrarily created. The country also suffers from massive issues with education, health, sanitation… Literacy… You know, everything we take for granted, basically.

(2) Leave that country while it is still a toddler and has no coherent direction let alone any consensus; pull out all the forces on the advise of both Conservative & Liberal people that felt this entire Iraq conflict was going to be a shortlived event.

(3) Fund militants in a neighboring, chaotic country even when they are losing their civil war because God knows that could never accidentally spill over… 

(4) Blame Maliki, the leader of this terrible place, for failing to heal the 1200 year Sunni – Shi’a riff and the equally old Kurdish – Arab divide! Accuse him of not doing enough!

… And that is, of course, assuming that Maliki ever had such an intention in the first place. Which might be the most naive article of them all.

(5) And, of course, we are going to call for him to step down in the middle of a crippling civil war. Because NOW IS THE TIME FOR ELECTIONS! NOW IS THE TIME FOR MASSIVE GOVERNMENT CHANGE! 

Perhaps this is all an effort of sending a message that we will negotiate with any jackasses that will come to the table and sack Maliki for any deal because, as the USA, we have to see that we somehow have a foot in the door and that the scenario’s outcome is not determined by the Iranians.

The whole scenario is hilarious with big names like Feinstein & McCain coming in and making their own ridiculous statements that are naive at best.

WTF are these people?

Unless this is all part of an Evil Genius plot to communicate that we are willing to do realpolitik negotiation with ISIL, I want out.

British Soldiers Posing W/ Deceased Taliban Probed [Disgusting]

I am offended by the nonchalance of idiots in the face of death. Somewhere along the way these numb skulls lost respect for life and decided that it was somehow an expression of manliness or bravado to pose with the corpse of their dead enemy:

Britain is investigating photographs that appear to show a serviceman in Afghanistan posing beside a dead Taliban fighter, its ministry of defense said Friday.

“Inappropriate actions will not be tolerated in the armed forces; the RAF [Royal Air Force] is treating this incident extremely seriously and has launched a military police investigation,” Agence France-Presse quoted a spokesperson for the defense ministry as saying.



Utterly horrendous.

War is a dirty affair that involves the taking of life. On some level, this struggle is rightfully glorified because the bravery and courage that it takes to face the threat of death and carry out a difficult task such as this is immense. Perhaps it is in part of recognition of this that we seek to honor and respect our enemies.

But more than even that: there should be a natural sanctity of life that we all recognize and that, no matter what, we never become so callous or stupid as to deny it.

When we trivialize death through this style of photo, when we pose with it as if it is some accomplishment that another person is dead… We are missing the point of war in the first place: it was to defend our ideals and to avoid greater harm upon humanity (hopefully).

Enough preaching.

I am disgusted.

Kidnapped Nigerian Girls, US Senators, Islamists, S. F. & Other Lulz

I saw that headline “Can 20 US women senators help save 276 kidnapped Nigerian girls? (+video)”and I have to chuckle at it. Not from some sexist viewpoint that “women can’t get the job done” or that I am chuckling up my sleeve but the feminist concept behind this push, but because this is exactly the sort of sentiments that comes off as purely trite & meaningless rhetoric masking any true attempts at recovering these girls from the real thugs & terrorists. It is a bunch of wishful thinking some journalist (Howard LaFranchi, in this case) threw together because it came off as some sort of heart warming & hopeful take on the crisis…

And just what if… this makeshift alliance of all women can serve justice in remote parts of the world?! Because no one else is interested in justice being served in Nigeria, right? Because there aren’t on-going efforts in Nigeria. The title almost highlights the idea that LaFranchi & the other liberals are more interested in twisting a story about Nigerian Islamic terrorism into a cathartic feminists moment — important (non-boring) parts bolded:

The demand of all 20 female US senators that the United States press the United Nations to add Nigeria’s Boko Haram to its Al Qaeda sanctions list is unlikely to do anything in the short term for the 276 schoolgirls the terrorist organization is holding captive.

(… True.)

But adding the Islamist militant group to the global terrorism list could be beneficial in the longer fight against Africa’s spreading Islamist extremism, some regional experts say. In recent months, Boko Haram has focused its vicious attacks on educators and students involved in what it considers to be forbidden Western-style education.

The Democratic and Republican senators said in a letter to President Obama Tuesday that placing Boko Haram on the UN’s list of organizations affiliated with Al Qaeda could help dry up the terror group’s international support and sources of income.

“The Senate women stand united in condemning this reprehensible crime and are firm in our resolve that it will not be tolerated,” said Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D) of Maryland and Susan Collins (R) of Maine in a joint letter signed by the other 18 female senators. “We will not stand by and allow the Nigerian people to continue to be terrorized by Boko Haram and will continue to lead the effort to impose tough economic sanctions against this group.”

On Wednesday, Senator Collins called on Mr. Obama to send in a team of Special Forces to rescue the girls, who are reportedly being held at an abandoned military installation in a remote forest and game reserve. Senator Mikulski hedged on that demand, saying it is the responsibility of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to lead rescue efforts. 

Please note that it is rather absurd to believe that the Nigerian government knows precisely where these people are but are refusing to engage — the Nigerian government in 2013 massacred hundreds of people in Baga,  and are so vehement in their opposition to the Islamic group that they decided to assassinate its initial, peaceful leader, Muhammed Yusuf. The assassination of Yusuf in 2009 effectively triggered this whole series of events which led to the radicalization of Boko Haram and thereby has led to the kidnapping of these girls as a terrorist act.

What makes it even more absurd is that they have been offering a $7 million award for information on the location of the rebels (!!!).

Designating Boko Haram internationally as a terrorist organization would shine a spotlight on the spread of Islamist extremism – and Al Qaeda affiliations – deeper into Africa along the seam where the predominately Muslim north meets the south. That might be more important than stanching Boko Haram’s resources, some terrorism analysts say.

The spreading instability has prompted some regional experts to coin the name “Sahelistan” for the band across the middle of Africa encompassing the semiarid Sahel. The worry is that rising extremism and ethnic tensions in places like Mali and Sudan are seeping farther south into countries like Nigeria, with its Muslim north and predominately Christian south.

The Nigerian schoolgirl crisis should prompt greater US attention to the dangers facing Nigeria, a country with about a fifth of Africa’s population, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton said in a Fox News opinion piece Wednesday.

“Nigeria’s failure [to halt Boko Haram’s rise] has enormous political implications throughout northern Africa,” said Ambassador Bolton, now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. “If Boko Haram’s reach and strength continue to grow, it is not impossible that Nigeria’s ethnically and religiously diverse population could face massive internal strife, and perhaps even split apart.”

Certainly a fascinating potential that we should try to avoid — but we should not avoid it to the point that a greater injustice would be put upon the Nigerian people. There is this idea in the West that democracy is enough to achieve whatever we want in any country, but this is a lie. Sometimes the people themselves do not want to be united in the least because of fundamental differences between each other.

At some point, you have to let it breath. You have to let the people go their separate ways and pursue their own national / regional interests if they are not being satisfied by the government.

I think that the US (& other powerful governments) refuse to make a recognition of such a policy because, naturally, it could lead to some results that aren’t in their best economic interests.

Greed nearly always prevails over justice.

Boko Haram is finding fertile ground in northern Nigeria not because its ideology is attractive to the area’s Muslims, but because of the high poverty (particularly compared with Nigeria’s south) and lack of economic opportunity and state services, the International Crisis Group notes in a recent report.

Christian Science Monitor

In other words: Because your government sucks and is terrible at providing for the people there is a desire to break away from it. And, especially when you assassinate local political leaders and massacre portions of a village, you will find yourself in a world of crap.

But… Don’t worry: the US Women Senators stand united with the girls and are proposing to engage American Special Forces in a Nigerian civil war! Because that is exactly what we need — to concern ourselves with more foreign conflicts and to begin showing our allegiance to a government doing a poor job of governing a mess of a country.

The US historical track record certainly shows that going into heated situations half-cocked is beneficial for everyone. Especially when there is no clear good guy, am I right?

Boko Haram soldiers — God look at those biceps on that guy in the back? Beast!

If we go back and think about that hilarious title of the video we can all chuckle again.. God knows, the various male Senators of the US were probably all very supportive of the idea of getting everyone to pursue an anti-Boko Haram agenda, but it was specifically chosen that the Ladies have to get together on this one…

… Because girls being kidnapped and all, it… makes sense, right?

We should put forward these sorts of gestures because it makes it so much more meaningful, and later we want to be able to say something like, “It was 20 US women that brought down Boko haram…”

No, it wasn’t the totality of the Nigerian people in opposition to Islamic extremism, nor was it the tireless Nigerian Soldiers or the potential foreign Special Forces that were involved… Nor was it the very human sentiment that the kidnapping and forced marriage of them was very disgusting to the most of the people…

No, let’s frame it like the Women Senators are going to do it. Because that warms my heart right up.

Like a picture of Barbara Boxer & Dianne Feinstein.

Boko Haram watch out…  Unlike the whole of Nigeria, these two are coming for you!

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