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Dream journal.

Russian Cold & G. G. Allin

I had a strange dream… It started out with me picking a vacation spot. I was trying to escape the Korean heat, which makes a great deal sense in the summer. It is enough to melt me — but not really the heat itself, but rather the humidity of the situation is simply overwhelming.

I immediately was thinking of vacationing in Vladivostok. However, I found a charming resort town further north of that in Russia and it was called Yakterinberg or something like this, no doubt a name I gleaned from the Civilization series.

I had had a friend who visited there. I believe it was the face of my 6th to 9th grade friend, Jesse Johnson, who told me it was OK but quite cold and sometimes boring. Kimczak Bartkowiak informed he that it is a lot of being on big ships and just floating around in the glacial cool. He said that during their free time they teach you Taekwondo while on the ship… At first I was confused, but he said something about how there are a lot of ethnic Koreans in this Yakterinberg and that the tourists are largely of north Asia and so it made sense.

I really had wanted to see a seal.

At some point I was outside in glacial waters, enjoying the dry, cold air…

Then I was in northern California, and my band was going to play a show. However, the Police were coming to arrest us — I have no memory of committing a crime, but is the US we are talking about where you can be arrested for merely being drunk in public.

Sean Anderson showed up and he was holding a bunch of shirts in his hands… I asked him what shirts they were, and he said, “G. G. Allin… Are you ready to go and do a tour with me?”

“Sure, that’d be great…” He informed he we were getting in a car and driving to San Francisco and playing a G. G. Allin cover show. I was excited. Then I awoke.

Arabic Agricultural Dream

Last night I dreamed I was somehow involved with learning agriculture in the Arab world. I remember we had three choices for our final project; one of them involved growing 100 bushels of Chickpeas in Syria or Iraq, and the other involved meeting with Arab trade consulates to ‘establish trade ties,’ and the last involved founding an Arabic Friendship society.

I was doing some preliminary research by going to a very rural part of the world. The people present there were all Korean, and I remember we were speaking Korean. I had brought along three friends (Chad, Sean, Jon Dunbar and Morgan). I was alerted by Morgan that Chad, Sean and Jon were all arrested.

I was led to a very small shed and behind a wall of chicken wire Chad, Sean and Jon were all laying on their sides bound with barbed wire at the wrists and ankles. I asked why they had been arrested and I was informed that it was because one of them was kissing a girl in public.

I remember leaving the tent with Morgan and wondering, “How on Earth am I going to get these guys out of here?”

I contacted the Korean government and they said,

“This is, indeed, very crazy, but you are in a very small town somewhere far away. We are going to send some people to get them out, but you need to find a way to distract the locals and the crazy police officers so they do not kill them before we get there.”

The rest of the dream consisted of me walking around rice paddies trying to think up how to free them from their strange predicament.

I came to no good ideas and then I woke up.

I then spent the first 30 minutes of consciousness thinking of ways to distract the authorities, and my best idea was to try to challenge the local police to a drinking contest or to start a string of arsons around the town while avoiding arrest.

Either way, that’d definitely be a more interesting Tuesday than today.

Telepathic Dog Army + A Cool Fishing Story

Last night’s dream was good — the world was being taken over by a race of machines that wanted to end all natural life on earth, from human to animal. I had become part of the greatest effort to defeat the robots and I was the secret weapon.I had a telepathic connection to all dogs, and dogs were just like humans in their mind — equal brains, equal power. They were our secret weapon because the robots had not yet known that dogs could be organized into a cohesive military force.We were training dogs to establish communication and supply routes since the dogs were not pursued by robots. We were also training them to attack the robots.While this was happening, I went fishing on a lake, just fishing off the dock; at first I was fishing with no line, and then I was like, “Say, could you hook me up with a hook?”My friend Eric Palmateer was like, “Yeah, gotcha buddy,” and in a few seconds I had a hook at the end of my line. I toss it in and immediately I see a big old fish swim up and I catch him, bring him up. It’s huge, probably a 30 pounder. I put the fish down in the grass.My dog spencer is looking at me and is complimenting me telepathically on my catch; we share a small conversation about fishing.Then, I leave the dock, and I discuss the status of the dog army with Cliff Alexander and Raul Vega and Kelly from the Office.I believe the leader of the whole opposition is my friend Maggie. Lex is her number two. Gray haired Ryan is there.I wake up for a moment, then, and I think about the dogs, and when I go back to sleep, the dream does not continue.

Dream #13 (strangest yet; PG-13)

I had an M. Night Shamalan dream, I guess.

I was suddenly walking around Fargo, North Dakota with Matt Bumbalough; we were just chit chatting. Suddenly, we saw very strange tornadoes forming and the ground was shaking. Some good samaritans driving by in a truck told us to get in, so we jumped on the back of the truck. There were some businessmen in the back with us.

While we drove quickly away, we got close to one of the tornadoes and saw that it was not a tornado but a series of brown-like vines that stretched all the way to heaven; I saw a man get taken by one up into presumably space. Suddenly, I was also ceased by one of these and brought into space.

I found myself pulled up onto the back of a giant centipede-like entity with a comet’s head that was smoldering hot so the coldness of space did not kill me, and we were going so fast into earth’s atmosphere. Suddenly, we were nearing the ground and I am not sure how but I got off…

I then went to the top secret military facility looking for answers and they recognized my old credentials and told me about it…

There is a government program run exclusively by the Department of Defense — they want to steal away the interests of the nation. President Obama only serves private, Wall street corporations so they created centipede-comets resembling aliens.

They put humans on their back because the humans fall into the back of the centipede opening up a cocoon of special comet fire ants; when these comet centipedes crash into the Earth they will destroy major corporate infrastructure and then the comet fire ants (who feasted on the humans on the way down to get a taste for blood), along with the remaining comet-centipede, will begin waging war.

These things will land all over the world targeting global corporations.

The Chinese, Russian and American militaries are thrilled because they will now rest control away from the global corporate interests that run the world.

While explaining this, the General looked pleased, and he said,

“Now the world is ruled by such false and unnatural things as money and global financing. But tomorrow the world will be ruled by what it once was: blood & steel, and the honesty of martial discipline and strength.”

I thought about it and decided I preferred in some sense this blood and steel if only because it was more honest than made up, computer-form money by fiat. Of course, this was not the best way to be ruled or to live — under the hand of the military…

But there was an amount of honesty in a dictatorship that called itself that, as opposed to a financial empire that did not call itself a dictatorship of the marketplace.

I also decided that in order for anything to be created a new the militaries would have to succeed in this operation to destroy the power of the global corporations.

Shortly thereafter, I was part of an operation surrounding a man’s house to kill him because he was a major CEO. While me and the others were sneaking up to his door he smiled and walked out holding a baby and a sawed off shot gun. I then woke up.

I do not know what it means.

Dream #12

Another odd dream.

The dream started with me celebrating the fact that I was returning to America to do something that would improve the entire course of my education and future. It felt like winning a million dollars.

However, when I arrived I was ushered away to a military base and it became clear that I was being forced to rejoin the military.

At first it didn’t seem so bad because a lot of my old friends were there. My father had even showed up. We all promised to go to the bar to get drinks but then I could not find them… Later I did find them.

We went to a bar that looked like an old house. We got drunk. We went home. But I forgot something, so I went back.

When I went back there were a lot of Korean bboys there dancing. I avoided them and found my things and sat down for another drink because magically other people I knew were there. I had gotten a stamp on my hand that had someone’s phone number on it.

One of the bboys said “Hey, you got numbers tattood on your hand? Where did you get them?” (he was speaking in Korean)

I did not feel like talking to him and wanted to be a jerk, so I said, “I got them in the Holocaust.”  I am not sure why I would say such a morbid joke.

It turns out they all spoke English and I had to flee the scene on foot, and hide. Later they found me and beat me up.

The next day when I woke up I noticed that I was also very overweight. It was perplexing because it was… quite overweight. I justified losing the fight on being overweight and felt preposterous.

All in all, this was a confusing dream.

Dream #6: Pornotarium Charity Concert & Waterpark Bungee Jumping

Dreams are always odd… In this dream, there was going to be a Pornotarium concert. However, we did not know if Jason could make it, so Bialy and me contemplated what to do. He told us he could make it.

The venue was my elementary school’s auditorium.

Before the show we discussed charities to give money to, and most centered around giving them to Haitians.

Everyone assembled and it seemed like we waited forever for Jason to arrive; he did, and we put on an excellent show. The audience remained seated in assembly style chairs the entire time and was mostly composed of families with elementary school age children.

After the concert to celebrate we went to a bungee jumping waterpark. I guess this can only be explained by “jumping hundreds of feet.. WIth a bungee chord… And landing in the water and being pulled back up.”

Sean Bradford and I got into a playful wrestling match near the end of one of these and we fell into the water 200 feet below.

I was happy and then I woke up.

Dream #2

This dream was shorter.

I had some sort of motorcycle with a lot of belongings in it; I showed up at what looks like one of the homes in North Fargo, and I go into a basement. The basement is both a party and a convenience store. At some point me and some people decide to leave. On the way out I find two trash bags full of random American candy. One of them has ‘Red Hots’ in it and me and someone else wonder how we can steal it, but instead we steal nothing other than what we ate there and go out.

My motorcycle had become an incredibly small things that I could actually not ride or sit on, and we went to a different place nearby. Old people were outside on chairs enjoying the day even though it was overcast.

I owned a puppy — it was a female but someone remarked how it was ugly and looked like a male.

The dog pooped in the yard and a man I know who will only be identified as “1”. ran up to it and fell face first in the poop, and then ate it like G. G. Allin. I thought that he thought it was mud. We then started wrestling and people were laughing, and I started getting dog feces everywhere. Then a lot of people I knew who I wrestled with a week or so ago all showed up, and we quickly began wrestling in a group and the dog feces they thought was mud spread to absolutely everyone.

My last thoughts were that I hope no one finds out that this is my dog’s feces, or that I knew it was dog feces and did not prevent this from occurring, though I do not consider it my fault as I felt helpless and shocked.